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[Strained back]
Slipped disk is a "sprain of the hip" in plain words.The beat was sneezing or lifting, carrying heavy luggage, severe pain, such as when you run the waist up from the attitude of kneeling position, the behavior will trigger steep.
[Disc herniation]
Lumbar disc herniation, lumbar pain not only just, to dissipate until pain and numbness in the lower limbs is characterized by.Than the standing position, in order to more pressure when you are sitting in the intervertebral disc and the stoop is hunt increases, the pain will be strong.
Is part of the vertebral arch fractures, refers to the state were separated.Take a stance after shave, pain comes out when you are sitting or standing for a long time.
[Compression fracture]
For bone density will be too grainy and take a year, the result will be lighter weight of the bone, support the weight of bone strength is weakened, it may cause a fracture or low back pain.
[「Skeletal correction」]
Correct distorted posture, the skeleton
[Muscle correction]
And balance of left and right
To loosen the muscles, massage, exercise therapy, a stretch.
Method of treatment of our Kawaguchi Bonesetting, we have good results in response to a variety of low back pain symptoms.
Courses are also available for correcting the posture correction pelvis, good results in the menu by adding their own treatment can be obtained.
If you feel upset at the waist, please contact us as soon as possible.
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