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@Sports injuries is a collective term for disorders and trauma caused by the movement.Failure may remain, such as sequelae of injury as well as muscle pain, bruises, fractures, dislocation, sprain and muscle strain unreasonable burden on the body.  
@Refers to those caused by sprains, muscle strain, ligament injuries, meniscal injury, dislocation, fracture, sprained finger, Rupture of Achilles tendon, a strong external force is applied at a time.
@Sports injuries are said to "overuse syndrome (over use)" in the medical and, so it is really a disease caused by overwork the body.
True of sports and a large impact on the body such as shock-absorbing expansion and contraction of the muscle and twist due to the movement, in the bone.
@This treatment was intended to be started immediately after called method of treating acute trauma, and RICE, bruises, sprains, fractures and other trauma suffered.‚q‚…‚“‚”A‚h‚ƒ‚…A‚b‚‚‚‚’‚…‚“‚“‚‰‚‚ŽA‚d‚Œ‚…‚–‚‚”‚‰‚‚ŽAis composed of four steps, known as the acronym RICE.
@Rest, it reduce the swelling and pain is the purpose.To stabilize, to rest the affected area, such as by using a sling and bandages.If there is a fracture or ligament damage, such as if, then the cast immobilization.  
@Ice, you can suppress the inflammatory reaction and swelling to shrink the blood vessels in the affected area to be cooled.Slower conduction velocity of nerve fibers convey pain by cooling, the occurrence of abnormal muscle tension and pain producing substance is also suppressed.Then cooled to about 10 Ž before and after the cooling temperature, eliminating the sense Depending on the season.  
@Compression, in order to reduce the swelling and bleeding, and then compress the affected area such as elastic bandages.  
@Elevation is high up the affected area to reduce swelling from heart, prompting the venous return.  

@Swelling caused by injury is the inflammatory response, such as internal bleeding and tissue oozing fluid.Minimizing these as soon as possible is a point of treatment, and greatly influenced the course of the future.Beware, if left untreated, spread effect all the way up to the surrounding muscles and joints, also greatly affects the return to sports activities.

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