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"Law muscle repositioning PNF" is, PNF - its own state-of-the-art research and development to maternal Kasuga Institute of Sports Medicine (neuromuscular facilitation techniques law receptor having individual teacher Herman Kabat), by Dr. Kei Kasuga, was developed is therapy.

Law "muscle repositioning PNF" (This matching method neuromuscular ー formal name) is a treatment which has dramatically improved muscle-nerve, July 10, 1993, will be presented at Board of Internal Medicine Kinki region, official effect is manipulative therapy has been demonstrated to
Every human action, by instruction of nerve transmission is transmitted from the brain, life is maintained, we have the daily life management.

Therapy PNF, the nerve approached the only nerve that out the pain, while normalizing the instruction transmission of nerve is transmitted from the brain, pull out 100% of the natural healing power have the original of the patient, that is causing that along with the return to normal function, the transmission, enhancing movement of muscle metabolism, improve blood flow to the organization, manipulative therapy and improve joint motion (the normal balance of muscle) Alignment of muscle.
It shows power coming from the deformation, such as tonic-contracture and contracture tension and inflammation, pain, numbness, paralysis, muscle, joint, and symptoms.

Tension, inflammation, muscle, symptoms such as deformation is considered as any obstacle to the flow of nerve.Those reasons, it appears as pain or numbness symptoms, headache, and dizziness.These symptoms, 90% due to pain or numbness (shoulder muscle becomes inhibitory factor, luck of the window right normal joint, the patient is being sued does not increase, the cause of the limitation of movement, such as lower back had bent will be) and accounted for.

The goal of treatment with PNF is to return to normal function, the nerves are out of the pain and numbness, increases metabolism of muscle exercise to improve blood flow to the organization.
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