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      Introduction of our clinic
Treatment of traffic accident

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Our clinic, to improve therapy and manipulative therapy PNF distortion of the body of knee pain and low back pain.
Have been addressed to various symptoms sports injuries, whiplash, stiff neck, headache, etc.
We would like to ask you a lot of voices from patients who are admitted for the first time that "I should have come sooner".Will not even get what the pain and disorder of the body even though the patient.On the contrary, I am getting some sort of adverse effect to the original part to protect the pain is not bad.We recommend that regardless of the size of the symptoms, that is the treatment of early.
Good luck towards the improvement of symptoms together in our clinic!Please come visit us once.

Sports injuries  
Low back pain treatment  
Treatment of knee pain  
Neck and shoulder pain
PNF therapy
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      Whiplash treatment
traffic accident
  Can provide effective treatment to patients, than select the correct treatment according to symptoms and state of a human a human.

We will support a wide range of consultation and exchange of insurance companies, from the treatment of mental troubles injury resulting from a car accident.
      Manipulative therapy
      Manipulative therapy  

In our clinic, we carried out the treatment with a focus on the procedure by Judoseihukusi.

You work well with such treatment, rather than Bogibogi sound, but feels good ravishingly painless treatments.

    PNF therapy
    PNF therapy   PNF is effective in recovery of nerve function.

Bend to reach muscle aimed at the feet and hands in a state where the treatment method that matches the symptoms from manipulative therapy, went to sleep in the bed a special nerve, and then stretch, or enters a quiescent state, a sequence of joint you can arrange to move slowly like.

      Neck and shoulder pain
Treatment of knee pain   Sports injuries     Neck and shoulder pain
Low back pain treatment   PNF therapy     Treatment of traffic accident
Low back pain treatment   PNF therapy     Treatment of traffic accident
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