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  Treatment of knee pain

 To the knee, when about three times body weight, running even when you are walking on level ground is about 10 times, in the rise and fall of the stairs will take a load of about seven times.
The knee joint, in order to join a large impact, as this will fail.
As a cause, damage to obesity as well as aging, sports injuries, Henpeisoku, leg O, hallux valgus, hard work, of the meniscus and ligaments, and deformation after fracture is raised.

 With the exception of if you've hurt my knee and sports physical, the cause of the pain (knee) is said to osteoarthritis of the knee in many cases the knee.And knee osteoarthritis is a disease of knee cartilage in the joint connecting the femur and tibia is reduced rub and cause inflammation.

 There is also pain at rest.
 Particularly painful or begins to move.
 Why is pain confined to the inside of the joint.
 That the accumulated "water" in the joint.
 Do you have a fever.
 Range of joint work or the extent to which.  
 What has been how much time has elapsed from the time I felt pain for the first time.
By Diagnostic of these, you can give an idea of the majority state whether it is knee looks like.
Our clinic is responsible for the treatment of manipulative therapy and physical therapy by the patient's pain and severity.

We will endeavor to remain and try to understand the patient feel pain patients feel.And, as it seems until the "all right if this" pain patients through such efforts, you do the treatment.Many patients who are treated like this, "I thought at that time and what happens now, does not hurt at all" We are pleased with me.

Treatment of knee pain you think, and it is better to start early as possible.Need help to more knee pain, please consult your osteopath to clinic Kawaguchi Azekaricyo Nagasaki!
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